Selling Or Disposing of A Defective Car: These Options Are Available

If the car is defective, the first question that arises is whether a repair makes sense and is worthwhile. If this is not the case or the damage is simply too great, a new automobile is needed. But what to do with the old and defective vehicle? In this context, there are several options, including not only disposing of the car: Often, you can still earn a little money by selling it to a scrap dealer or hobbyist.

What to do if the car is unable to drive?

In the life of every car there comes a time when the automobile is no longer running. A motor vehicle that is not fit to drive is no longer useful and often takes up space in the garage or driveway. In the event of a serious defect or total loss that can no longer be repaired or the repair is no longer worthwhile, you can dispose of your car: If you commission the Mainz car recycling service , your defective car will be picked up free of charge and scrapped on your behalf.

As long as your vehicle is not completely cannibalized or burned out, the company can pick it up and dispose of it within a few working days. An official certificate of destruction is also possible on request.

Sell ​​a vehicle that cannot be driven?

Ideally, a defective automobile can still be sold and thus brings in at least a small amount. This is often still possible, because so-called scrap dealers have specialized in buying broken vehicles and pay hard cash for total losses.

It is primarily the spare parts that can still be used that are of interest here: After the purchase, the vehicle is cannibalized and the functional parts are recycled. However, scrap dealers usually do not pay very much – it is worthwhile to start an auction on the Internet first, because comparatively high sums can still be achieved here in individual cases. Hobbyists in particular often show great interest and are willing to dig deeper into their pockets.

Of course, the amount of the sales proceeds depends on factors such as the model, the year of construction and of course the condition of the vehicle.

A sales advertisement can be useful not only on the Internet, but also in regional newspapers and advertising papers. Here, too, it is mainly hobbyists from the area who show interest and want to benefit from short transport routes. Transport should not be underestimated with a defective vehicle, as the car cannot be driven by yourself. For this reason, sales to interested parties in the region are particularly common.

Selling individual parts and receiving scrap value

If you are unable to sell the entire defective vehicle at a reasonable price, you still have the option of removing the individual parts that are still functional and offering them for sale. Depending on the vehicle model and the condition of the individual parts, this can add up to a comparatively high amount.

Finally, you can sell the rest of the car at its scrap value: Here all non-metal parts are removed and the vehicle is weighed. After that, the amount of scrap value depends on the weight of the frame. However, the price for this is significantly lower than for a total sale, which is why selling should remain the last option based on the scrap value.